Technology- Apple’s iPod was certainly the awesome hit for the IT industry in 2004. Apple Computer once again catches everyone’s eyes. TIPS Consulting wants to seek the most appropriate,technical innovations for the enterprising world which would enable products to become the next iPod.

Information- Product specifications and prices are extremely volatile in a competitive IT market. Obtaining correct information fast is a powerful advantage to enhance enterprise competitive ability. TIPS Consulting updates the latest market news for their enterprise clients when they face to make a significant decision.

Procurement- Without a competitive pricing strategy, even products with excellent design and outstanding quality are hard to accept by most consumers. TIPS Consulting takes the most advanced multiple strategic inquiry system, looking for the quality of the product and to match your cost target for your company, making the best combination of product and highest sales reward for your company.

Speed- Factory lead-time longer than expect or delivery due date delays often increase the cost of your inventory. It might cause the deal to be canceled by your customers, as well as have a great impact on demand forecast and inventory control management. Those negative factors are a heavy burden to increasing inventory costs. This causes your company unable to stand at the best strategic competition position, damaging your company’s profit.

Besides, RMA problems and efficiency of customer response directly affects your company’s image. TIPS Consulting would like to satisfy our clients around the world by our professional, efficient service to complete all these processes in the shortest time frame.

TIPS Consulting’s company vision is to satisfy the diversified needs of global IT companies by our professional, efficient team. With TIPS Consulting powerful support, our clients can act precisely and acquire the final victory and tremendous honor in every IT battles, and become the elite of the elite within the universe. It meets the expectation to ourselves and Chinese meaning of our company title (Best in the Universe).

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