Strategic Sourcing
- A company’s ability to compete lies in the product itself.If your company wants a firm contiguous footstep in the industry, the only way to start is to promote your product’s ability to compete, which can obtain a lead position advantage in the market.

With product maturity models, marketing opportunity, factory technical level and latest market news, TIPS Consulting provides your company the thorough information to study and help in the first stages of product line development. After confirming a product’s feasibility, further providing the complete supplier and product line data detail, it benefits your company to make the valued analysis for the next stage. By visiting the factory to understand the actual operating situation, we provide detailed reports letting your company to make the final evaluation concerning the suppliers. This enables your company to find out if the product to meets the company demand and to perfect the C/P value in the most efficient way, and creating the value product line and the competitive ability for the company.

Dynamic Supply Chain Mgmt. - The current IT industry competition no longer is "the enterprise vs. the enterprise" competition, but "the supply chain vs. supply chain" competition. The whole efficient performance of supply chain will even reveal its importance.

Fierce market competition causes reduced company profits. Increase profitability can be achieved by lowering overhead costs and improved efficiency. This is themost effective, rapid way to promote your company’s ability to compete.

In supply chain management, TIPS Consulting provides services for purchase plan, multiple strategic inquiry, contract negotiation, order fulfillment, vendor delivery scheduling, amended order processing, shipment method planning, and RMA/DOA handling.

With DSCM service, your company can accelerate the goods supply rate and consumer order response to win over the advantageous contract, reduce the goods cost and the amount of inventory to improve the rate of capital turnover, and enhance the coordination and cooperation with your partners. Quality and efficiency are the only ways to achieve consumer satisfaction in the IT industry.

Product Localization - Manufacturers practices production based on standardization & mass production, because of the limitation of their R&D capability, resource allocation & sales/marketing planning. This will usually lead to neglecting regional product standards & applications, abandoning local market demands & consumer satisfaction.

Different regions have different demands/standards, ie., the product user manual, the operation interface, the industry standards, the product specification, the driver & program application and the hardware compatibility issues. If a company disregards the demands of different regional markets, and provides a standard version of a product designed from the manufacturer for their local market, this will lead to a serious loss in competitive ability, negatively affecting product sales and profit performance.

TIPS Consulting realizes the importance of product localization & believes enterprises have an obligation to cater to local markets and consumers have the right to products meeting their demands. With our professional assistance to give both supply and demand parties full communication and understanding, your company can develop suitable and localized products to match the different regional demands and satisfy various consumer tastes.

Customized Products - If a company pursues a product for a special application or to satisfy a specific consumer group, sometimes the manufacturer’s facilities will not meet the specification or standards for that target market.

TIPS Consulting will assist your company to search for a specialized OEM/ODM manufacturer and become the communication bridge for both parties. By assisting both sides in R&D, product manufacturing, quality control, and logistics management, TIPS consulting will maintain full communication and coordination during the product development period for both parties. With the most effective and economical way to create a superior, quality product, your company will strengthen its ability to compete.

Packaging Design Service - Companies usually hope to enhance a product’s value and promote the sales in the most economical way by having its product packaging design to attract consumers’ eyes, ie., to beautify products and entrust with add-on value. Besides, the product packaging design will help company to obtain a good image and reputation.

TIPS Consulting professional packaging design team combines superior factory production and best cost structure to create the perfect product value for your company. No more worries in reprocessing, and no more waste in personnel and time, which makes the very best competition preparation for your company.


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